Live and Work Spacec

A live and work space for Kara Walker, an artist. Her work is organized around the idea that “An inspiration is found anytime, anywhere”. She can put the silhouettes anywhere in the room with lots of transparent layers. Dropped pieces always inspire her imagination. Standing on the upper floor and looking down towards the main floor, she might get the best layout by comparing the pieces on both floors, even if the floor appears to be messed up. The concept is a book. When she was a child, her father often used to read books to her. Therefore the house is designed to remind her of the precious moments. The movable panels organize her activities: presentation, gallery and work space. She can put silhouette works on the panels as if binding her original books. The pop-up stair case inspired by pop-up book divides two floors for privacy. The spaces of the upper floor are shaped by the pattern, which comes from the movement of the panels and stairs at main floor.